• What services do Studio Kirby offer?
  • Studio Kirby Photography has been producing high quality school, university & Sporting team photography for over 20 years. With in-house graphic designers to customize your organisations templates & layouts we guarantee the perfect finish everytime. We look after your school group & individual packages, Sibling portraits, Co-Curricular (Sporting & Cultural Groups) ID Cards, PR Shoots, Yearbook Production & Printing, Formal & special event photography.

  • Where is Studio Kirby based and which regions do you service?
  • Studio Kirby are based in Springwood and photograph Primary & Secondary State Schools & Private Schools across Queensland. All staff are local and we print & pack our photos on-site.

  • Do your photographers have Blue Cards?
  • Yes all photographers have Blue Cards and the required “Working with Children” accreditation.

  • What is the largest group photos you can take?
  • We can take up to approx. 300 in one sitting or larger groups over numerous sittings then merging together to produce the final product.

  • What school photo packages do you offer?
  • We offer a range or Class or House Group Photos, Composite Photos, Booklet Products, Individual & Sibling Portrait Photos and Hi-Res Portrait Download options.

    A sample of our products are available at:

School Photo Ordering Process

  • Return Envelope on Photo Day:
  • Students can return their envelope on photo day (if paying cash/cheque/money order)

    Please clearly indicate the photo pack you would like to purchase by marking the quantity and enclose the correct payment amount as change is not available on photo day and not the responsibility of the school.

    Pack D,F,E & G are available in student & sibling options so please clearly select the correct option you would like to order.

  • Online Ordering
  • Pre-pay your school photos online using the School Code & Student Code on the order envelope (PayPal or Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard accepted). Orders can be placed online up to a week after school photo day and envelopes do NOT have to be returned on photo day.

  • Shipping Address
  • Although a shipping address option is available when ordering school photos, all school & co-curricular photos are sent to the school.

  • Sibling Photos
  • Most schools schedule sibling photos before school (7:30am to 8:30am) but please check the photo schedule before photo day. The sibling photo packs are available on the same student photo envelope so please clearly mark the photo packs you would like to order with the correct payment enclosed.

  • Payment Methods Available?
  • Returning Envelope on photo day - Cash, Cheque/Money Order
    ** If paying cash please ensure correct amount enclosed as no change available on photo day

    Online Ordering - PayPal, Visa & MasterCard are accepted (although redirected to a PayPal page, Visa & MasterCard can be used by selecting Credit/Debit Card option).

  • What is my school code and/or student ID?
  • Your school code & student ID are supplied on the photo envelope supplied, any queries please contact our office or the school. The student ID number may also be available on your School App if available.

  • My child has lost their envelope; how do I order?
  • They can pick up a spare envelope from the school office or you can place an order online using the school code & student code/ID number. Please refer to school for school code & student ID code.

  • Can I view my child’s photo before I purchase?
  • Unfortunately school photos are pre-paid but we have a 100% guarantee policy where if dissatisfied you can return the photos within 7 days of receiving for a refund.

    Late Orders:

    All students are photographed on photo day regardless if an order is submitted.

    Online orders can be placed up to a week after photo day using the school code & student ID number. Any late order can be posted/phoned through with credit card details but post production fees may apply.

    Please note booklets are not available for late orders submitted after job printed

    Photo Delivery

    School photo delivery can be up to 8-10 weeks from photo day. The delivery timeframe can vary depending on catch-up photos and proofing/approvals from the school.

    All school photo & co-curricular orders are sent to the school and ticked off when distributed to each student.

    If not received when all photos distributed to students, please check with the school/class teacher or student services if absent when photos handed out.

  • How to download hi-res portrait photo?
  • Formal Hi-Res Photos: Once you have placed your online order the digital download files will be available in your My Account – My Downloadable Products section

    • Click the product order number for each image to download
      (downloads may take a few hours to become available to download)
      Please note any digital downloads completed are not entitled to a refund so please ensure 100% satisfied with the printed photos received before downloading the hi-res

    School Photo Individual Portrait Downloads: Once the school photos have been delivered to the school the school code and photo ID code will be supplied on the inside of your photo folder.

    To download your hi-res portrait order please perform the following:
    - visit studiokirby.com.au/orders
    - click Download School Portrait
    - select school from the school list
    - enter school code (refer to photo folder sticker)
    - enter student ID (refer to photo folder sticker)
    - enter the validation code
    - click download

Formal & Event Photos

  • What type of photos do you take at formals & events?
  • Arrival / Roaming Photos
    Individual, Couple and Family photos against a variety of backdrop options (backdrops selected by the school).

  • How much do you charge for formal photography?
  • We have several packages available that can be customised to the school’s preference including Online Ordering for parents or ticket price options where all digital photos available to download or supplied on CD for each student. Please contact our office for a free no obligation quote http://www.studiokirby.com.au/contact/

  • Viewing Formal Photos Online
  • Formal & Event photos can take up to 3-5 business days to be available to view online after photo day.

    A password will be supplied by the school to gain access.

    To view formal photos:

    • Visit studiokirby.com.au
    • Events & ExtraCurricular Photos
    • Select the correct school event & year
    • Enter password (if required)

    Please double check your order before processing payment as items in your shopping cart from a previous browsing session may be listed.

  • Formal Photo Delivery
  • All formal photo prints are sent to the home address specified at checkout.
    Photos are normally sent within 7 business days of the order being placed.

  • Hi-Res Formal Photo Downloads
  • Any formal/event digital download orders will be sent to the email address specified at checkout

  • Formal Photos from previous years
  • If you wish to view formal photos from a previous year and a link to that event is not listed on the “Events Photos” page

    Please contact our office as we need to check our archive and arrange a viewing time. An archive retrieval fee of $25 and minimum purchase of $50 is applicable.