Reasons to update your school’s promotional photographs!

  1. It’s Clickbait, photos are a great way people can share links to your website through social media.
  2. Studio Kirby is a service, supplying creative ideas, experience and professionalism.
  3. In an ecommerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product.
  4. Not only can promotional photographs be used on your website but also as a sales tool or promotional tool at events.
  5. Articles with images get 94% more total views

This is a shot taken for John Paul International College who are currently updating their catalogue of professional photographs.


Brisbane Sporting Action Shots.

Studio Kirby have your next sporting event covered. Having Studio Kirby at your next sporting event will alleviate any worry you have about whether or not that perfect moment has been captured. We understand about being in the right place at the right time and will ensure a better service, better quality and professional images. Studio Kirby can also offer multiple photographers for large events. Options are available for parents to order event photos online via the Studio Kirby website.


Great school formal photography!

A school formal is a momentous event in every student’s school life. Studio Kirby are here to make your photographs the best they can be. Whether it’s a traditional photo with families or a fun shot with friends, Studio Kirby have the passion and knowledge to ensure your students benefit from a reliable and trusted team of young photographers. We have a collection of unique backdrops for you to choose from. Ordering Formal photos are ordered directly through our website with both downloads and prints available. All prints are posted directly to the purchaser and downloads are made instantly available meaning schools are not required to handle any photos or paperwork. Packages We understand that every formal is unique and we can tailor a package and price to suit you. Contact us for quote..

BBCSemi- 16

Brisbane’s Best Event Photography!

From start to finish, Studio Kirby have your next event covered. Having Studio Kirby at your next event will alleviate any worry you have about whether or not that perfect moment has been captured. We understand about being in the right place at the right time and will ensure a better service, better quality and professional images. Studio Kirby can also offer multiple photographers for large events. Options are available for parents to order event photos online via the Studio Kirby website. • Speech Nights • Awards Ceremonies • Graduations & Valedictories • Liturgies & Services • Musicals • Open Days • Assemblies • Special Events • Openings & Unveilings • Carnivals



School Aerial  Photography.

Aerial photographs are a great way to showcase your schools campus and location.  Our state of the art drone can capture video and photographs from up to 400ft/130m. Studio Kirby also offer traditional aerial photography.
Drone benefits:

  • Licensed/experienced operator.
  • Purpose built for performances, reliability and safety.
  • Cost effective.
  • Creative, inspiring and timely perspectives.
  • Gyro/stabilised gimbals to provide smooth full HD video.DCIM101GOPROG0031783.

Tips to marketing your school!

One name… StudioKirby! Is your school looking to grow?  Studio Kirby is a one stop shop when it comes to school marketing.  We can look after you promotional photography, promotional videos, content, graphic design, print media and social media pages.  Ask today about what we can offer your school.


5 Reasons why you need to update your school’s promotional photographs.

  1. We recognise the importance of your brand and will ensure it is proudly and prominently displayed.
  2. Studio Kirby is a service, supplying creative ideas, experience and professionalism.
  3. Not only can promotional photographs be used on your website but also as a sales tool or promotional tool at events.
  4. Properly executed promotional photographs can set off emotional triggers that text simply cannot.
  5. It’s Studio Kirby’s aim to understand your target market.


Brisbane School Formal Photography.

StudioKirby has your formal covered from start to finish.  We offer packages which include arrival photos, parent and family photos and all the fun from there on! Here are a few samples from a formal we shot last week on our black and gold backdrops.  We also offer a range of different backdrops including silver, matte grey, checked silver and matte gold.

June Formal Samples

Queensland’s Best School Promotional Photographers!

StudioKirby have years of valuable experience when it comes to school promotional photography.  Supplying clean and crisp images which will make your schools website, prospectus or advertisement stand out from the others.  Contact us today about your promotional photography or promotional video needs.

Inside Cover

2016 School Formal Photography – Book StudioKirby now!

It’s fast getting to that time of the year which year 12 students have been thinking about it for the last 2 years… Senior Formal!!  StudioKirby are the best professional formal photographers Brisbane have to offer.  With a great team of young and experienced photographers we promise the students will enjoy the experience and be left with great photos and memories.  Call StudioKirby on 3208 4793 and ask about our formal packages.


Building Openings and Event photography.

Does your school have a new building about to be finished? St Laurence’s College just finished their brand new Chapel which was officially opened on Sunday.  StudioKirby have a great team of professional photographers specialising in building openings and event photography.  Having professional quality photos of your schools newest building is a must, the images can be used for promotional purposes, marketing, social media, blogging and even for the social pages of the paper.  Let StudioKirby quote on your schools next event.


How important are web videos for your school website?

It’s the beginning of 2016 and I couldn’t think of a better time to update your schools website with a amazing professional quality promotional video.  StudioKirby recently worked with one of Queensland’s most well known colleges, John Paul College.  StudioKirby worked with John Paul College on creating a video focusing on “A Day in the Life of a JPC Prep Student”.  Working along side Headmaster Mr Peter Foster, StudioKirby and the team supplied steadycams, GoPros, Glidetracks, Audio Equipment and 3 full HD Cameras. Check out and the video below.

5 benefits of using videos on your website:

1- It’s Visual, People love a visual experience and are almost certain to take the time and watch professional StudioKirby web video.

2- It’s Clickbait, videos are a great what people can share links to your website through social media stirring traffic to your website.

3- It’s Emotional, done right web videos can set off emotional triggers that text simply cannot do.

4- It’s On Demand, anyone who visits your website can view it anytime simply by visiting your schools website.

5- It’s Versatile, Not only can web videos be used on your website but also as a sales tool or promotional tool at events.

How to take the perfect school photo!

It’s 2016 and StudioKirby are about to get started on another big year of school photos including group photos, individual photos, sporting team photos and cultural group photos.  Below are some simple yet important tips to receiving the amazing school photos.

Tip number 1: Clean and correct uniforms!

Having your children dressed in the correct uniform is the first step to taking a great school photo.  Please ask the school or check their newsletter for confirmation on what is the correct uniform to wear on school photo day.  Also making sure the uniforms are clean and tidy has as amazing effect on the overall look of your children’s individual and class photos.  So be prepared and have a new or clean uniform ready for photo day!

Tip Number 2: Knowing the date and time of photo day.

Being organised and aware of photo day not only helps the day run well but results in better quality photos for yourself and for the school.  So please check with the school via the office or school newsletter and make sure both the parents and students know when and where they need to be so they’re not rushed or even miss the school photos.

Tip Number 3: Relax and Smile!

The key to a great school photo is a great smile.  Make sure your children are relaxed and ready to smile, prefferably with their teeth 🙂 At StudioKirby we take as many photo’s as needed to get that best expression we possibly can out of your children.

Tip Number 4: Fresh haircuts

StudioKirby recommends your children get a fresh haircut before school photo day! Neat and tidy hair can be the difference between a good and great school photo.  Girls make sure you have the correct ribbon or hair ties and your hair is styled with in the school rules.


How to gain new school enrolments!!

One word… marketing! Is your school looking to grow in 2016?  Studio Kirby is a one stop shop when it comes to school marketing.  We can look after you promotional photography, promotional videos and print media.


Queensland Large Group Photography.

When it comes to shooting large groups, StudioKirby has over 20 years experience.  If you want to be guaranteed quality you can’t beat experience.  We shoot with the brand new Canon 5DS which helps provide the highest of quality images.  StudioKirby supply all the stands and technology to name the photo on the day.  Thinking about who to use? call us and get a quote.

Large Group Sample

New School Formal Backdrop

It’s been a super busy few weeks for StudioKirby.  With several new formals this year we needed some new backdrops, check out our new black formal backdrop!

Formal Photography Sample

Full School Photo – St Laurence’s College

With over 1800 students and staff, St Laurence’s College is one of the biggest full school photos we have done to date.  Shot inside and also shot in year levels to minimise the disturbance on students classes.

Whole School Photo Sample

John Paul College Formal – 2015

Saturday night saw StudioKirby attend the JPC formal at the Greek Club in Brisbane.  Over 300 students and staff were at the formal and over 1500 photo’s were taken.  Check out the following link to view and download your shots from the night.


Redeemer Lutheran College Formal – 2015

It’s been a busy few weeks for StudioKirby, last Friday night we visited Sirromet winery to shoot Redeemer’s formal.  It was a great night, the kids had fun and we got plenty of photo’ss.  Photo’s are available to order at


Time to start thinking about 2016

It’s term 4 and 2016 is right around the corner.  Spring is a great time of year for photoshoots, so why not think about a school promotional shoot in prepartation for the new year and to help your prospectus stand out from the rest.

School Promotional Sample 2015

Graduation & End of year Events

It’s almost term 4 and getting to that time of year of graduations and valedictory days.  If you haven’t already call us now about booking StudioKirby to shoot your schools graduation or end of year event.

School Graduation Sample 1

Iona College Building Shots

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to capturing your audience’s attention, you want to take full advantage of every chance to communicate your message. Short attention spans have made lengthy explanations less effective – so how do you keep interest? Show, don’t tell.  Have StudioKirby come and help promote your school!

Iona Buildings

St John’s Anglican College Formal 2015

Monday night StudioKirby shot the St John’s year 12 formal.  2 photographers taking over 1600 photos, all images will be online through our “order now” section of the website to download and purchase prints.

St Johns 15

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Not 100% sure if your school needs a promotional video or not?

Here are 5 reasons why you need Studio Kirby to shoot your schools new promotional video!!

5 benefits of using video on your website:

  1. It’s Visual – people tend to look for a visual experience when surfing the web, and video has an inherent appeal to audiences. Most of us would prefer to ‘see’ something before we are forced to ‘read’ something. While we tend to skim through any large blocks of written material, we will almost certainly take the time to watch a professionally produced video presentation.
  2. It’s Sticky – Video can help make your website ‘sticky’. Not unlike when a prospective customer walks into your place of business, your goal should be to keep them on your website for as long as possible learning about your services in order to increase the chance of making a sale.
  3. It’s Emotional – A video demonstrating how a product works along with customer testimonials would provide solid evidence that the product can indeed solve a particular problem. It sets off emotional triggers that static text cannot, ultimately influencing buying decisions.
  4. It’s On Demand – Unlike a traditional sales pitch, a video can be experienced “on-demand”. Anyone interested can view it anytime he/she wants simply by visiting your website.
  5. It’s Versatile – A video which has been produced for your website can be repurposed elsewhere. The cost can be leveraged by distributing the video offline on DVD as a general sales tool.

6 Reasons Why Images are Important

  1. Articles with images get 94% more total views
  2. Including a Photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%
  3. 60% of consumers are more likely to consider or contact a business when an image shows up in local search results
  4. In an ecommerce site, 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is “very important” in selecting and purchasing a product
  5. In an online store, customers think that the quality of a products image is more important than product-specific information (63%), a long description (54%) and ratings and reviews (53%)
  6. Engagement rate on Facebook for photos averages 0.37% where text only is 0.27% (this translates to a 37% higher level of engagement for photos over text)

Here are 6 reasons why you should contact Studio Kirby about updating your school promotional photos or have us photograph your next school event.


Term 3 Sporting Finals 

Rivermount College played host to the term 3 sporting finals over the weekend.  StudioKirby was there to capture some of their teams in action.

Rivermount Sports

Formal Season!!

It’s getting to that time of year already.  Last Friday night we shot the QAHS formal on the Gold Coast, let us quote on your formal whether it be for 2015 or 2016.


Full School Photography

Its been a busy few weeks for Studio Kirby, we are currently working on 2 full school photos.  Redeemer Lutheran College recently had StudioKirby shoot their full school photo, below is a sample of the finished product.  Let Studio Kirby quote on doing your next full school photo.

Redeemer Full School

Kings College – University of Queensland

Over the years Studio Kirby and Kings College have formed a great working relationship.  Here is the 2015 college photo.

Kings College15

Burpengary State College

This week StudioKirby worked with Burpengary State College for the first time.  We were there to shoot new promotional material for the college to use in preparation for 2016 and the images turned out great.  Below is some feedback from the school.

Wow, thank you for arranging those so quickly. The photos look fantastic, exactly the feel we were aiming for.


Paula Shields

Information Services Officer

Burpengary State Secondary College

Respect | Courage | Excellence


Catholic Education Week 2015

Studio Kirby recently shot stills and video at the 2015 Catholic Education Week.  Here is a little edit we put together of the week.

St Laurence’s Walkathon

We took photos of the St Laurence’s annual walkathon last Friday.  The boys walk over 12Km starting at the school and winding there way through Brisbane city all to raise money for charity.


Brisbane Boys College – Semi Formal 

This week we photographed the BBC semi formal.  It was held on the Mi-cat which cruised up and down the Brisbane river.  All images are live and ready to order/download at our order now section.


BBC Year 12 Cohort 2015

This week we shot Brisbane Boys College year 12 cohort photo, over 260 students in the one shot.  This was taken on our new Canon 5Ds and the quality is pretty amazing, super sharp and colours look great.


Camera upgrade – Canon 5Ds

This week Studio Kirby purchased not one but two of the new Canon 5Ds bodies.  With a massive 50.6 megapixels compared to the Canon Mark 3 which has 22.3 megapixels we have noticed a really big difference in the quality of images.   Big things to come in the next 12 months.


Year 11 – Dinner Dance 

Tuesday Night we shot the JPC dinner dance.  Its not to late to book us for your formal this year or even get in early for next year.


300+ Cast Photo

On the weekend we shot a cast photo on the Gold Coast, over 300 students shot in one photo.


Studio Kirby & Margin Media Team Up

We are happy to have teamed up with Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency “Margin Media”.  If you are looking to have any work done on your website be sure to check out they’re a great young team and we highly recommend their services.


Gold Coast Drone Photography

Trinity Lutheran College recently had channel 7 come and visit in their helicopter.  They welcomed the news team out on their main oval in the letters “TLC” we got this shot from our drone.


The Women’s College – University of Queensland

StudioKirby has been working with the Women’s College and the University of Queensland for close to 10 years now.  Here a preview of this years full college photo.

Womens College Template-1

St Augustine’s College – Sporting Promotional Shoot

This morning Studio Kirby was out a St Augustine’s College in Springfield.   We were there shooting some promotional images to be used to at the school as signed at the front of there Sporting Hall.


School Co-Curricular Photos

Let Studio Kirby quote on shooting your co-curricular, performing arts and sporting photos this year.  Whether its groups of 4 or 100 Studio Kirby has it covered.

Navy Blue Netball

Ambrose Treacy College – Full School Photo

2015 is the foundation year for Ambrose Treacy College.  Studio Kirby took this full school photo which will be supplied to every student at the college.

ATC - Full School PhotoBLOGGGG

St Catherine’s Primary School – Testimonial 

Our School had the honour of having Mick Kirby take photos for the School’s new website.  Mick’s ability to capture real life moments and personalities in a snap shot is incredible.  His knowledge of photography and his equipment enabled him to quickly adjust to whatever scenery, lighting, weather, movements or angle he needed to produce “picture perfect” shots.  

Mick has a wonderful way of putting people at ease.  That must be why all our students look just like themselves, never posed or stiff, in all your photos – what a gift! 

He has a great eye and knows what will make a good picture and is capable of creating the right setting andcaptured candid, poignant expressions in our children, which will allow the School to keep these memories for years to come.

Thank you Mick for the amazing job that you did for us. You are creative, you certainly captured the moment,  and you took some wonderful candid shots that are full of life and emotion.  We will recommend you highly!

St Laurence’s College – Centenary Concert

Friday night StudioKirby shot the Lauries Centenary Concert in ERPAC.  We got some great shots which will be used in the next issue of the Lauries magazine and also on the Lauries website and social media pages.

Lauries Cencert

St John’s Anglican College – Mothers Day High Tea

Over the weekend St John’s Anglican College celebrated mothers day with a high tea at their senior school campus.  With guest speaker Alastair McLeod and over 150 mothers it was a great afternoon.

St Johns High tea

Brisbane Boys College Formal 2015

Saturday night we shot Brisbane Boys College formal at the Sofitel in the city.  4 photographers and over 2000 photos were taken, its not to late to book us for your formal this year.  Images will be online at


St Laurences Gala Ball

In 2015  St Laurences College celebrates it’s 100th year.  Saturday night they threw a Gala Ball with over 700 guests.  StudioKirby was there to capture the night and all images will be online at

Lauries Gala

Matthew Flinders Anglican College Formal

Saturday we shot the MFAC Formal on the Sunshine Coast with 4 photographers arriving at 5:30 to capture parent shoots and staying until late to capture the whole night.

Images available to view at


Chisholm College – 2014 Yearbook

2014 Chisholm year book was photographed, designed and printed by StudioKirby.  Let us quote on your next yearbook.

Chisholm Yr Book - Cover

St Augustine’s College – School Captains

A nice shot of the 2015 college captains which will be used in a magazine lift out next month.


St Laurence’s 100 Year Photo

A great Drone shot to help celebrate 100 years of St Laurences College.


St Laurence celebrates 100 years

Kirby Character Hi I’m Kirby! We are State of the Art! We have been feverishly updating our systems to include the latest in technology. All new lighting systems and ground breaking scanning software means that our next visit to your school will be one of precision and accuracy. We have been improving our online services too. Check out the new ordering page. We think you will love it. We certainly do. See you soon ♥ Kirby